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Fiend wihout a Face

I'm Capheind @ SDF


I'm your friendly neighborhood fiend without a face. I'm an old cuss (especially in internet time) so a quick search will show me up in a host of places. Since the internet never forgets, please be gentile. I've been on SDF for ages, despite being well outside of its programmer focused demographic. I just fiddle here and there, and use some of the fringe features of a MetaARPA account to have a persistent presence on IRC.

I'm a father and a Gardener, so these days I spend most of my limited free time online reading comics, Podcasting, and arguing about Roleplaying Games.

I'm Capheind @ Capheind.com

My personal site/blog. Currently it hosts a bunch of older articles I haven't migrated to somewhere more appropriate. I'm going to be using it as a landing page for my posts about life, family, technology, pop culture, and podcasting.

I'm GM Troy @ DMvsGM.com

DM vs. GM is a twice monthly podcast with DM Sarah (of Sarah's Realm) and myself. Sarah is a new School DM, I'm Old School; Sarah plays mostly D&D, I play a little bit of everything; Sarah loves Fantasy, I like Fantasy ok but love me some Sci-Fi. The show covers counterpoint discussions of running RPGs, 1 on 1 liveplays, reviews, and questions to common GM/DM questions.

I'm Troy @ PlusorMinus.xyz

The first podcast dedicated to the Fudge (Freeform Universal [Donated|Do-It-Yourself] Gaming Engine) Roleplaying game. Fudge is currently covered by the OGL, utilizes a simple game mechanic that scales smoothly and puts the emphasis on your skill or ability, and is infinitely customizable. Plus or Minus is dedicated to helping you get the most from this flexible framework, and supporting the family of RPGs derived from it.